Are You Losing Control?

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I am Lara Nieberding, Certified Online Business Manager

Decisive Management, Proactive problem-solving, Tireless work ethic

I manage the systems that run your online business!


  • Are you overwhelmed trying to manage team members/vendors and run your business?
  • Do you have tasks on your to-do list that are a priority, but you can’t find time for them?
  • Do you have a queue of emails from your virtual team that need to be answered but you are not sure when you will have time?

Is your business running you?

My online business management style relieves you of the things you find stressful when you try to manage your business. I incite immediate action by keeping an eye on potential negative consequences and I help ensure that others follow through. You need to focus on revenue generating activities! Together, we will optimize your business so it functions at an optimum level.

If you aren’t looking for a quick fix and you want decisive management, proactive problem-solving, tireless work ethic…

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Is Your Business COSTING You Money?

The Client:

I work with a client who has a successful team based business supporting coaches and speakers. She wanted to transition her business from supporting coaches in the start-up phase of their business to supporting established coaches with a high-end clientele.

The Problem:

Her problem was she was spending so much time managing her virtual team she didn’t have time to market her business and support her current clients.  Her monthly retainer packages averaged about $650 per month per client. She felt she was working a lot of hours and during one of our conversations she realized there were some months her business was costing her money and not making her money!

Encore OBM Solution:

We worked together to organize her business systems, improve workflow, and we developed and implemented a marketing plan. Now, her retainer rates average $1,500 per month per client. She is able to focus on what she likes to do the most: support her coaching clients. She has delegated team management and her business marketing implementation to me as her online business manager. Once again, she is running her business instead of her business running her.

 When we work together, I will fight hard for and invest exemplary effort in your business. Together we will create an amazing journey and reap the best rewards.