Do You Need A Business Muse?

The Client

I work with a client who has a successful multi-virtual assistant business supporting coaches and speakers. She wanted to transition her business from supporting coaches in the start up phase of their business to supporting established coaches with an MCC designation.


The Problem

Her problem was she was overwhelmed by all the marketing and social media strategy choices she could make for her business. She couldn’t decide which marketing and social media strategy would best fit her business model. Her monthly retainer packages averaged about $500 per month per client. She felt she was not attracting her ideal client.


Encore OBM Solution

As her Business Muse, we evaluated several marketing and social media strategies, and we developed a marketing plan that met her business goals. Now, her retainer rates average $1,800 per month per client. She has attracted her ideal client. She feels she has a clear focus for her business. She describes my Business Muse service as a nice combination of business coaching and practical implementation advice.

Are You Looking For a Business Muse?

No contracts or ongoing commitments. Pay As You Go!

How it works:

1. Pay $57.00 USD Now

2. Schedule your 1 hour Muse session


3. I will confirm payment and your scheduled session. I will call you at the appointed time.

 *Refunds: I sincerely hope you are satisfied with Business Muse session(s). I acknowledge that not everyone’s expectations will be met. This service is Pay As You Go.  You are never under any obligation to keep the service for a minimum amount of time.  Since this is a service, I am unable to refund your money but you are always able to cancel at any time.


Lara Nieberding, Certified OBM, works with online business owners in all industries who want to increase their effectiveness and improve profits. She offers a complimentary “Working With An OBM Assessment Session” that assesses your current business and shares ideas for taking your business to the next level of success. Contact Lara Nieberding, Certified OBM

I am the Business Muse that keeps your business  functioning!


About Lara

Lara Nieberding has a passion for managing remote/virtual teams and operations for online business owners. "Cat herder extraordinaire" ~She has the ability to wrangle those elusive team members, coaches in your training program, or faculty & students in your online education business. She's been successfully managing teams for online business owners since 2007.

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