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I changed the order of my emails from date order (most recent on top) to “from.” This way everything from one person was together. This made it easier for me to make sure that I would be able to respond to everything that someone needed at one time and not have to send multiple emails.

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I use Google Apps for Business to manage my email. Gmail makes it so easy to sort and focus on priority emails. I have the option selected for Gmail to automatically sort my email. When I open my inbox, at the very top are all the emails Google has determined are important and unread. Below the important emails are the emails I have starred, below those emails are my unread emails and below that the last section is for “Everything Else.” It takes me just a few minutes to evaluate priority emails.

In addition to the Gmail auto sort, I created filters so all email from a client is labeled with their name. When I open my inbox, I click on a folder and can quickly process those emails without being distracted by other emails that are next in the main inbox queue.

All the ezines I subscribe to have a “rule” associated with the filter. I have a label for each ezine and the filter sends incoming ezines to the respective folder and the rule makes the ezine skip my inbox. Ezines don’t clutter my inbox and distract me from priority emails. When I have a moment, I click on the folder of the ezine I want to read.

Proper email management will make your time more productive.

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