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“IVAA NEWSIVAA Board Says Goodbye to Outgoing Board DirectorsIVAA Board members serve for 3 years to oversee IVAA operations. Our greatful appreciation to these wonderfully dedicated board members:

Doreen DeJesus, President

Lara Nieberding, Secretary

Laura Pumo, Membership Director

Nancy Seeger, Marketing Director

Kylie Short, Research and Development Director

Newly Elected Board Members – Starting April 1 Congratulations to newly elected board directors to the IVAA board. IVAA is a non profit trade association and board members are nominated and voted by the members of the International Virtual Assistants Association. Please welcome:

Kathy Colaiacovo

Patty Dost

Michaelle Dvornik

Jama St. John

Yvonne Weld”

via IVAACast – The Newsletter of the International Virtual Assistants Association.

Thank you!

It was an honor to serve. I am looking forward to volunteering in a new role as Volunteer Coordinator. I have been a member and a volunteer since 2007. I enjoy the work I do for the organization.

Congratulations to the 2012-2015 Board of Directors. Sending them best wishes. I hope they find their experience rewarding. I am eager to witness their efforts as they guide IVAA into the future.


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Lara Nieberding has a passion for managing remote/virtual teams and operations for online business owners. "Cat herder extraordinaire" ~She has the ability to wrangle those elusive team members, coaches in your training program, or faculty & students in your online education business. She's been successfully managing teams for online business owners since 2007.

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