Just Because They Say It Works Doesn’t Mean It Will Work For You

The quote that caught my attention…

People have an ingrained tendency to overestimate the value of the information other people have. Research has found that tendency can persist even when people learn that their counterparts have bad information.”


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This is what I hear, “I am overwhelmed! I implemented everything this marketing guru suggested and I am not getting results.”

My response, “Stop doing what the marketing guru suggested.”

Their response, “I can’t do that! The marketing guru is so successful. It works for them!”

My response, “How do you know they are successful? They exaggerate their success to get you to buy their program/product/service.”

Their response, “Everyone else is following this marketing guru and is successful.”

My response, “How do you know they are successful? If everyone else is using these marketing tactics and the same tactics are not producing the results you expected, then you need to change your marketing efforts.”

Their response, “That won’t work.”

My response, “Ok but your marketing isn’t working for you now.”

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