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Share an example of a challenging assignment/project and describe how you worked through the challenge.”

The client is a coach and founder of a business that trains and certifies a niche market as coaches. At the end of 2012, the client was doubling the number of faculty on the team and likewise, the student base was growing. Up until the end of 2012, all the responsibilities associated with faculty and students were coordinated via email and spreadsheets. I researched a variety of learning management systems and presented the client with an option that best fit the company’s needs. Upon the client’s approval of the learning management system, I set up and implemented the learning management system. The client wanted out of the day to day management of faculty and students. As the OBM, my responsibilities included:

  • Processing new faculty, including sending contracts for signature, following up with unsigned contracts, filing signed contracts. Prior to me being responsible, the process was conducted via email with PDF. I introduced Echosign for quick and efficient management.
  • Setting up email address for new faculty.
  • Adding faculty to the learning management system.
  • Scheduling faculty to teach classes.
  • Coordinating the webinar class rooms; at the end of 2012 the faculty and students were frustrated with GoToWebinar. I researched alternative webinar platforms and presented the client with an option that was easier to use. Upon the client’s approval of the webinar platform, I set it up.
  • Updating ebooks and presentations slides.
  • Corresponding with faculty and students.
  • Processing student registrations.
  • Enrolling students in the learning management system.

For the same client mentioned above, my role included:

  • Coordinating and publishing a weekly ezine.
  • Managing and implementing the internet marketing initiatives.
  • Planning, managing, and implementing social media efforts.
  • Managing and implementing product launches.
  • Creating/maintaining a monthly sales report in a spreadsheet, as well as reporting weekly sales in a weekly meeting.
  • Managing and processing potential student/client inquiries via email.
  • Delegate, manage, follow up with vendors that provide specialty services such as an author’s assistant, graphic designer, and a website developer.

This example demonstrates
Initiative: having the courage to make decisions and take action.
Poise: true to oneself, not getting rattled, thrown off, or unbalanced regardless of the circumstance or situation. Holding fast to your principles and acting in accordance with them regardless of how bad or good the situation may be.

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