Want Control of Your Email Beast?

I have a tendency to save every email. I just never know when I might need that information again!


We all know I don’t need every email. Honestly I don’t need every teleseminar, telewebinar, teleclass registration confirmation with call in details for an event that happened in 2008! I have a great filing system for my email so what is happening is “out of sight; out of mind.” The result is when I search I end up having to sift through a lot of information.


Then, I discovered the best email tool ever! Mary Motz of ProVirtual Solutions recommended Boomerang for Gmail by Baydin. It is a nifty little program that allows me to file an email and have the email appear in my inbox at a time I specify. For example,

  • I signed up for a teleseminar and received a confirmation with the call in details.
  • I added the information to my Google Calendar. I assigned a label to the email.
  • Then, I clicked on the Boomerang tab and I scheduled the email to appear in my inbox the day after the teleseminar.
  • The reason I added a label is if I need to reference the email, I can go to the label and view the email. I can still find my emails quickly even though I set it up to Boomerang.
  • The day after the teleseminar, the teleseminar’s confirmation email appears in my inbox.
  • Since I know I no longer need that information, I delete the email.
  • No more clutter!

I have used Boomerang to send emails to my inbox just before a client call. After I see the pop up reminder from Google Calendar for the client call, I can refer to my email and see the boomerang message quickly. Boomerang lets me set the day and time I want an email to appear in my inbox. I can even attach a note in Boomerang to remind me why I set up the retrieval.


Want control of your email beast? Check out Boomerang by Baydin’s no cost “Revive Your Inbox – A 21 day program to help you restore email sanity.”


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