Your Business Needs Change! Are You Ready?

“The pessimist complains about the wind;

The optimist expects it to change;

The realist adjusts the sails.” ~William Arthur Ward

Resolutions. Intentions. Goals. It does not really matter what you call it. “It” is our hope for a different future.  Guess what resolutions, intentions or goals require? Change.

In my experience as an OBM, “change” is a chameleon of a word. Clients will optimistically request change, pessimistically complain about change and realistically resist change. Here is an example:

Optimistic request:I need help keeping track of everything.”
Solution: an online project management system such as Central Desktop.
Pessimistic complaint:It’s complicated. It’s expensive. I have never used this before.”
Solution: I’ll set it up and then manage the system for you. It is an investment in a tool your business needs to achieve the next level of success you have identified. You won’t have to log in if you don’t want to; you will be able to use it via email and MSOffice.
Realistic resistance:I have too much going on right now. It will be too much to handle at this moment. Put it in the file for me to consider later-maybe we will use it in the future.”

Sometimes your business is ready to grow before you are ready for it to grow. Change is challenging.

If you want to grow with your business, you have to trust.

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Lara Nieberding has a passion for managing remote/virtual teams and operations for online business owners. "Cat herder extraordinaire" ~She has the ability to wrangle those elusive team members, coaches in your training program, or faculty & students in your online education business. She's been successfully managing teams for online business owners since 2007.

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