Leading Your Business To Your Vision


"My business is running me. I'm wasting my time on the things I don't want to do."

You can do less with more focus.

"Because of Lara's management, now, I get to do what I love doing."

Program Launch and Implementation Management

  • A successful online program requires an efficient onboarding process that retains clients so they don’t ask for a refund.

  • Policy and procedures documented so your team can manage your programs properly.

  • Tracking of program deliverables so clients receive what you promised. An efficient process for requesting testimonials.

Project and Marketing Management

Do you have a project or program that you’d love to bring to life? Since founding my business, I’ve provided my clients with a wide range of project and marketing management services . To find out more, get in touch.

Online Business Management

As my client, you are my priority! I am committed to your success. Certified Online Business Manager since 2011 and serving the online community since 2007. Contact me for the next step to leading your business to your vision.


As the OBM for your online business, Lara will make sure

the right things (planning), get done in the right way (systems),

at the right time (project management) by the right people (team management).

She is a dedicated professional that exudes creativity, enthusiasm, and responsibility. She is a joy to work with and accomplishes complicated projects in a snap. She is detail oriented, timely and always completes her work with the highest levels of quality and professionalism. If you have a chance to work with Ms. Nieberding you should. She will give you her all…and then some.

~ Micaela Tedford

Lara stepped into my business and she stepped up. I've worked with other OBMs and I've never experienced as smooth a transition as when Lara joined the team. She knew the systems, identified the procedures, and integrated seamlessly with the team. She is fair, honest, and practical.

~ Adri Miller Heckman

She is a hidden treasure! I'm creative and needed help with managing the infrastructure of my business. Lara understood my vision and implemented it when others could not.

~ Salena Baca



"I am re-reading the book Rocket Fuel and as they have a whole chapter on who and what is an integrator, it’s got Lara's name all over it!

I keep laughing at their descriptions because it is so LARA!" ~Adri Miller Heckman

Managing your online business can be challenging; I’m here to lighten the load off your shoulders. I’m an honest and positive professional whose first priority is always the interests of my clients; providing decisive management, proactive problem-solving, and a tireless work ethic. Since 2007, I’ve been serving loyal clients - get in touch to start leading your business to your vision today.


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