My response to “How quickly do you…”

How quickly do you usually respond to emails during your working hours?

My office hours are Monday – Thursday, 9:30 AM – 2:30 PM Eastern. I utilize my office hours to communicate with clients by email, instant message, and phone calls. I make it a priority to respond to emails promptly during my office hours. If you send me an email, at any time of day, and you have not received a response from me within 12 hours Monday-Thursday, it is most likely because I did not receive your email.
My response to emails demonstrates
Condition: practice moderation and balance in all that you do.


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Lara Nieberding has a passion for managing remote/virtual teams and operations for online business owners. "Cat herder extraordinaire" ~She has the ability to wrangle those elusive team members, coaches in your training program, or faculty & students in your online education business. She's been successfully managing teams for online business owners since 2007.

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